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JON Properties

General Contracting Services


We know what it takes to successfully take a development project from an idea to a reality on-time and on-budget. We have implemented solid development plans and provided all of the services needed to take a project from beginning to end. We understand the steps one must take to meet state, city and county regulatory requirements in a development project and we have successfully navigated through government agencies to make projects happen.


We understand the marketplace of subcontractors and have repeatedly demonstrated our ability to select the right subcontractor for the job and get the best pricing possible for their work. As successful managers, we seamlessly tie together the varied, critical elements of a project. We take pride in our ability to manage large and small scale projects alike. 


The larger and more expansive the project the more our management ability and experience on past projects gives us an advantage in bringing our projects in on-time and on-budget.


We utilize our extensive network of local industry contacts as well as technology tools to provide an integrated project control system.


At JON Properties we maintain focus on the larger effort while still establishing priorities and resolving issues before they become problems. We work tirelessly to assure that the ownership group we represent is informed and can approve elements of the project.



Major projects frequently involve a wide variety of participants, including a core project team, architects, engineers, subcontractors, material suppliers, state and local agencies and public interest and community groups. Our whole-project approach organizes these participants and manages their interaction to keep the project moving forward.

A History of Satisfied Clients

JON Properties has served the needs of a number of companies in various capacities as a developer, owners representative and property manager. This is a partial list of past clients:


  • WEB Equipment

  • United Surgical Partners International (USPI)

  • AAMCO Transmissions

  • Ridgewood Homes

  • J.D. Long Masonry

  • Fairfax Electric

  • Agape Ministries

  • Sieht Laser & Eye Care


  • Fredericksburg Foot & Ankle Center

  • Advanced Spine and Pain

  • Central Virginia Orthopedics

  • Rappahannock Gastroenterology Associates

  • Rappahannock Foot & Ankle Specialists

  • MetroHealth Internal Medicine

  • Veterans Corps of America / Interfuze

  • Triton Fitness

  • Accurate Auto Repair

  • KSI Auto Parts

Approved Subcontractors

JON Properties has worked with a number of outstanding contractors in our past projects. A partial list of those contractors is provided here:


  • Brandonbilt Foundations

  • Alexander & Sons Plumbing

  • Custom Design Heating & Air Conditioning

  • East Coast Masonry

  • Earthcrafters, Inc.

  • Cavalier Fire Protection

  • Childress Heating & Air Conditioning

  • Freeland Engineering

  • J.D. Long Masonry

  • JBR Development

  • JLN Drywall

  • Precision Doors & Hardware

  • ROC Electrical

  • Shackleford’s Plumbing

  • Tommy Wallace Electrical

  • United Sprinkler

  • Varco Pruden Buildings

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