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The ability to deliver high-quality real estate development services is what JON Properties does. We know what it takes to successfully take a development project from an idea to reality on-time and on-budget. We have implemented solid development plans and provided all of the services needed to take a project from beginning to end.


We have specific experience in commercial real estate development and property management in the Greater Fredericksburg, Virginia area. We have extensive knowledge of the real estate market and the players in that market. We understand the steps one must take to meet state, city and county regulatory requirements in a development project and we have successfully navigated through government agencies to make projects happen. We understand the marketplace of subcontractors and have repeatedly demonstrated our ability to select the right subcontractor for the job and get the best pricing possible for their work.

Commercial Real Estate Development &

Property Management Services

  • Investor meetings and project planning

  • Budgeting

  • Site evaluation and selection

  • Securing project financing

  • Land acquisition negotiations

  • Governmental and permitting application Acquisition 

  • Architectural planning

  • Contractor evaluation and selection

  • Site work and building

  • Lease negotiations

  • Build-out design and completion

  • On-going property management

construction supervision


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